Web Development

I built my first web site in the 1990s from scratch with HTML. I later hooked it up with PHP to a MySQL database--again, all hand-coded. Now, I use Drupal, a powerful Content Management System to quickly set up sites (like this one) with dozens of pages that can be modified with a few keystrokes and show dynamic content. My, how far we've come!

Web programming is one of the more complex software development challenges. Combining database access, multi-user access, security over the internet, supporting various form factors, and managing external files are just some of the issues to deal with.

We've used several tools depending on the size of the project and the use case. Delphi makes it easy with a variety of popular frameworks for building everything from small apps generating dynamic HTML to REST servers powering mobile apps.

The power is there--and the possibilities are endless!

multiple objects intertwined and presented