PayPal Sandbox

Money Scam


Here is an awesome way to make money: just send me $497 and I have made money! It's so simple, anyone can do it. Just put one of these PayPal buttons on your site and tell people to click it and whenever they do (and then subsequently fill in their PayPal information, of course), I will make money. It's a wonderful idea. Please spread the news!

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Super Enhancer


If you don't have $497 right now, perhaps you want to try my non-existant super enhancer. It will enhance your brain power, give you better muscle tone, and allow you to feel just as rested with 2 hours less sleep time every day! Who couldn't use 2 more hours in every day? You only get one can at this low price of only $4.97, but once you try it, you'll be back to click on the Money Scam above!

Just in case there's any question, these PayPal buttons link only to a "sandbox" account at PayPal and no money will be transfered. These buttons are only for testing and the verbiage above is just to add a little fun!