Custom Software

Custom Software Development encompasses many areas of business need including new applications built from the ground up, a mobile app to add value to your existing offerings, or integration with your point-of-sale system.

keyboard with hint of code and text overlaid
matrix-like art in the shape of a face
Geek Out!

Sometimes you just need a nerd, someone who can make the computer do what it's told! We try to put a face to our abilities to manipulate the bits and bytes.

Every business needs to differentiate itself from other businesses. Many times, custom software can give it the edge it needs.  This is why large corporations hire in-house developers or invest in complex database systems managed by outside firms.

If that is something your business could use but you don't know where to start or don't believe it will fit in your budget, call us. We are experts in taking a small idea through the stages to get your business where it needs to go. We can take a project that someone else started and run with it to completion. We can work with other systems that may be in place and necessary for the proper flow of information, but are otherwise locked in legacy databases. We can generate reports and spreadsheets, automate messages and nightly backups, increase visibility and clarity of your data. Or even host your applications in the cloud, freeing you from holding on to your old Windows computers.

As we develop software for you, you'll be kept abreast of the progress, make approvals on user interface, and be assured of the security of your data. In all cases, you, the business owner, will have control and visibility of the project.

Our strengths are in developing Windows desktop tools but we are more frequently building cross-platform and web-based applications. We use the latest versions of Delphi associated with database and internet development tools. Our source code is kept in online source repositories and backed up for good measure. We also use redundant development systems to reduce downtime and ensure no code is forgotten during the check-in process.

For assurance in software development, Contact us--we're ready to code for you!