Arcade Plug-in for Retail Pro

Would you like to integrate Arcade card sales through Retail Pro? It's simple with our plug-in for Retail Pro 9.

card with a circled plus-sign
New Cards

Create a new arcade card right from with Retail Pro, pre-loaded with the amount of money you specify, and added to other purchased items. Both regular and "promotional" cards can be created with a few clicks. The new card is generated and printed when your receipt is complete.

card on top of other card, top one has dollar-sign
Add Money

Scan in a customer's card and add money to it instantly for continued use in the arcade.

card with a checkmark
Check Balance

Quickly check the balance of an arcade card for a customer by scanning in their card.

card with a slash through it
Void Card

Void a customer's arcade card of any funds remaining by entering the receipt number on which it was sold.

This plug-in provides complete arcade card management within Retail Pro 9 receipts by interfacing with the CasCustomer API that communicates with locally installed hardware.

  • Easy installation
  • Quick configuration
  • Simple licensing
  • One-time fee!

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