Homer W. Jones

I have known David Cornelius for so long that I had to look back at some of the projects he worked on for me just to refresh my memory. I believe the first project was in 1997 or 1998. We met through the Oregon Delphi Users Group (ODUG). I was in the early stages of developing a truly king size software product that ultimately grew to over 3 million lines of code. Being a programmer myself, I was picky about who I would trust with my projects. After all, the success or failure of his work would directly affect the success or failure of my business. David proved to be not only an exemplary programmer, but a fine and insightful analyst. I soon came to trust him as a collaborator on many phases of my work.

A perfect example of the quality of David's forethought and solid execution is a web based data server that has been central to the operation of multiple aspects of my company's main product. It has been running without flaw, and untouched, every day since its implementation in 2001. Over the years, David has contributed greatly to enhancements of significant portions of our product. Most recently, he was the driving force behind putting our rather large product in the cloud. His planning and attention to detail made that transition much smoother than I expected. There were virtually no problems reported by our users while transitioning from local operation to the cloud. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our user's offices were forced to stop conducting business from their offices. Because our application was in the cloud, employees in those offices were able to work from home and not miss a single day of work. David did that.

To put David's contribution more into perspective, the software product of which I speak is an Insurance Agency Management application that is used by hundreds of insurance agencies throughout the USA. Their business literally depends on the functionality and reliability of the product. It creates legal documents, records details of their client's policies, supports their customer service needs, and keeps track of important Human Relation details. David understands the need for software that is easy to use, and is reliable day in and day out. I am honored to offer this testimonial to a fine man, and a really honorable and reliable person I am proud to call a friend. The fact that he has been my trusted collaborator for 25 years should speak volumes. If you are in need of someone of integrity who is honest, industrious, and extremely talented, David Cornelius is that person.

Owner, Agency Business Systems, Inc.
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