Astro Loyalty Plugin for Retail Pro 9

Use this form to order a license for using the Astro Loyalty Plugin for Retail Pro 9 from Cornelius Concepts.

Store Information
This is the name of the store or chain of stores; it will show up as the licensee of the plugin at all locations.
The unique ClientID (or Company ID) assigned to the installation of Retail Pro 9 in which this plugin will be installed. This value can be seen when logging in to Retail Pro right underneath the Software Assurance Expiration Date--it's listed as the Retail Pro User ID.
The number of stores (or sites) licensed to run this software.
To align the annual per-store fee with other annual fees, change the number of months here to match what is left on other subscriptions. For example, if the customer's annual Retail Pro license is coming due in 6 months, you can change this "Months in First Year" value to 6 and the first year's annual renewal fee will be cut in half and due in 6 months; the regular full annual fee will be due 12 months after that and continue every 12 months thereafter.
Contact Information

Purchasing through a Retail Pro Business Partner (BP) is optional. The BP gets a discount for providing installation and first-tier support and is often preferred by the retailer. If the BP information below is left blank, Cornelius Concepts will work directly with the retail store for installation and support via email, phone, and remote access.

Enter the name of the Retail Pro Business Partner through which this sale is being made.
Enter your name or the name of the person to which to send the invoice.
Give the approximate or planned date the plugin will be installed at the customer site.
Enter any other relevant information about this customer or the install you feel would be useful.
Click the Submit button below to send this information to Cornelius Concepts who will create a custom invoice for this purchase. The invoice will come from "WaveApps" and contain a payment link. A unique license key for this Retail Pro customer will be sent simultaneously and be immediately active and valid for 14 days. Payment will extend the license expiration to the end of the first year (or prorated amount if less than 12 months specified for the first year).