Arcade Plug-in for Retail Pro 9

Use this form to order a license for using the Arcade Plug-in for Retail Pro 9 from Cornelius Concepts.

Enter the name of the retail organization name or chain of stores.
The unique ClientID (or Company ID) assigned to the installation of Retail Pro 9 in which this plugin will be installed. This value can be seen when logging in to Retail Pro right underneath the Software Assurance Expiration Date--it's listed as the Retail Pro User ID.
Enter your name or the name of the person to which to send the invoice.
Click the Submit button below to send this information to Cornelius Concepts who will create a custom invoice for this purchase. The invoice will come from "WaveApps" and contain a payment link. A unique license key for this Retail Pro customer will be sent simultaneously and be immediately active and valid for 14 days.