About Cornelius Concepts

Cornelius Concepts, founded in 1990 by David Cornelius, has built several long-lasting Windows database applications for small businesses and worked for several companies in various capacities. His greatest strengths include being able to adapt to new environments and work with business people to integrate technological solutions. His skill set spans many different programming languages and database dialects, but he's most fluent in Delphi.

He strongly believes in participating in local computer organizations, and has been quite active in both the Oregon Delphi User Group and the Oregon Computer Consultants Association for many years. He enjoys giving technical presentations and constantly stays involved with many areas of software development and internet technologies. Currently, he's a software developer at WideOrbit. If you're interested, you can read even more about his programming career.

The views expressed on this website, blog, and in my twitter feed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.